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Roots of Freedom

A grove of Aspen trees grows from the simple beginning of a single root. They become one of the largest organisms on the planet as a result of their interconnected root system and reliance upon one another. So it is with a freedom-minded people.

Have you ever watched a group of people who love America, freedom, and all that flows from true liberty? Especially those who are engaged in trying to keep America free? What you'll witness is the passionate, tireless, and singular dedication of modern-day freedom fighters. They are at the very roots of freedom.

I watched such a group of people working together in late 2018 to determine a strategy and course of action for the next year. They were dedicated folks working for conservative groups of all sorts. Among the group were representatives of family, religious, and military/veteran interests. While the interests were varied, the shared cause was to support policies that keep liberty and opportunity alive for this generation and those that will follow us.

Roots of Freedom

For me, it provoked the roots analogy I use here. Plants need roots to sustain life, remain stable, and grow strong. So too, do strong, liberty-centric governments.

The men and women gathered in that meeting inspired me. They represented new roots that had grafted into the foundations, or root system, built by past generations of men and women committed to the cause of freedom. I saw firsthand an important element of preserving liberty--the work and diligence of each generation. The work that happens off the military battlefield and away from the public eye. The gritty, and often thankless, work of analyzing public policy, then working to share that analysis with both the public and the politician.

The roots of freedom in this country are strong and deep after two hundred forty-five years. Generations have loved American liberty, built families and businesses without the constraints of tyrannical oppression, bled to defend our freedoms, and even died in defense of the same.

Even now, in our turbulent times, we see men and women working to maintain America's freedom-loving potential. They are passionate because they've connected to something greater than themselves. They've become a part of the root system. Part of the life-sustaining organism of freedom, if you will. They've embraced a deep understanding of the value of human life and liberty.

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

As we struggle to rekindle an understanding of freedom's principles in our day, we would be wise to consider Lincoln's words above. When we enter a time of censorship and stifling of the free exchange of ideas and opinions, we deny freedom to those around us. In truth, we risk freedom for all. We put an axe to the multigenerational network of lives and the many efforts expended since the founding of the United States.

Is maintaining freedom worth allowing ideas to flow freely? Is it worth committing, time, energy, and passion to preserving? For me, the answer is an easy yes. Our answer to these questions, and our efforts in maintaining our liberties, will determine what we pass on to the next generation.


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