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Donna Rice, site founder, head shot.

Meet Donna Rice

Founder of WYO Conservative

Donna is a fourth-generation Wyomingite, Christian, attorney, and small business owner who lives in Casper. She supports the Constitution, the pro-life movement, Second Amendment, religious liberty, property rights, farming and ranching, border and national security -- all the pillars of American Liberty. She believes in the strong Conservative principles that built America and have made it a beacon of freedom for almost two hundred and fifty years.

Donna believes it's time to reacquaint ourselves with these concepts and rediscover why certain principles must be preserved in order to have a republic where men, women, and children have opportunities to thrive and build their families and futures.

Donna attended Casper College, University of Wyoming, and the University of Denver, College of Law. She grew up in Wyoming, traveled to many places around the world, lived elsewhere, then returned home to the state she loves.

In 2020 Donna ran for U.S. Senate against Senator Cynthia Lummis. While she was not successful in her bid for office, now more than ever, Donna continues to serve her Wyoming community alongside the Wyoming Republican Party.

Read more about her core values at

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Wyoming Values

American Exceptionalism

Principles of Freedom

These are the building blocks of a great life!

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WYO Conservative Patriotic Star
WYO Conservative Patriotic Star


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