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PRESS RELEASE: WYO Conservative Launch

Former 2020 Senate Candidate Donna Rice launches new conservative platform, WYO Conservative, to "analyze the deeper implications and meanings of conservative values."

As political, social, and moral divides deepen throughout the country there are growing concerns about what type of country will be handed down to future generations. "I ran for public office because I am deeply concerned about what our children and grandchildren will face if we continue down the road toward socialism," Rice states.

While some seek to fundamentally change the history, values, and even founding documents of the country, others are standing up to defend the country's foundational values. Cancel culture loudly claims who and what is offensive in the mainstream. However, it is less and less clear what anyone really stands for. Rice raises the question, "Have we, in 21st Century America, forgotten the core values that have allowed us to live in freedom? Freedom to hold opinions, act independently, thrive, and succeed, or fail, as we choose?"

Rice does not intend the WYO Conservative website to be used as a news platform, though events of the day may influence the values her team and herself dig into. Instead, she intends that WYO Conservative will be an educational voice teaching about the actual roots of Conservatism and why it is still an important, dynamic part of our state and country's voice.

You can subscribe to receive educational Conservative content on the website


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