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Let's Talk Principles

The Truest and deepest principles of human existence don't change with the times!

Let's talk principles! Why is a discussion of principles in order for 2021? The most straightforward answer I've come to is this: we’re experiencing a time when special interests, censorship, and bias have trampled the concept of principles. Principles are fundamental truths. They are the matters that serve as a basis for a set of beliefs, a system of function, or manner of behavior.

Principles lay the foundations for living together as human beings.

Without principles, society breaks down. Without principles, people become less valuable than the messages we scream into the public megaphone. It’s not a healthy culture we encourage when we forget the concept of abiding by principles that allow all to flourish. The founders of America understood this concept and worked hard to hammer out principles that could guide a nation into liberty.

In our nation today, many voices are crying out for freedom, for the right to be heard or recognized. Yet, as we decide, without necessarily considering principles of freedom, who or what should be protected, we begin the slow and slippery process of whittling away at the freedoms of others whose opinions or lifestyles differ from our own. We silence voices. We silence opinions. We silence discussion.


True freedom is grounded in discovering and understanding the underlying principles that allow ALL of us the liberty to be heard and join in the discussion of how life will be lived by the community of individuals who make up our era in human history. For this reason, it’s time to remind ourselves of the basic principles of freedom.

And here’s a great fact about principles, the truest and deepest principles of human existence don’t change with the times.

What our founders hammered out almost two hundred and fifty years ago can easily be applied to today. We just have to consider the principle and apply it to the present. It’s part of the power of the founding of America. By focussing on the common good and people governing themselves (as opposed to government by monarchy, dictatorship, etc.), our founders set aside differences of opinion and boiled issues down to principles.

In the coming weeks, WYO Conservative will walk through a discussion of principles as they relate to American freedom and lifestyle. We’ll start with a look at Natural Law. It’s a core concept in both legal and societal principles. Until we chat again, think about the principles that guide your life and thinking. Have you considered them in light of the common good of your community, state, or nation?


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