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What is the Family Unit?

***Video Transcript Below

Hey, there Conservative Friends, this month is December and we're going to talk about the family. Since it's a holiday month and there are so many family gatherings and times that we remember all the wonderful experiences of childhood, we're going to delve into the family unit: what its job is in maintaining the principles of freedom and preserving that freedom that we all love.

So we're going to start just really simple, what is the traditional family unit? Well, it is pretty simple and straightforward, it is a father and a mother and the children that they've had together. Then the extended family, that goes into grandparents and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews, but the basic unit in most Conservative views is mother, father, children.

We will go from there this month and explore some things that we hope give you pause to think a little bit about the role the family plays in preserving our freedom.

What role do you think the family plays in preserving the principles of freedom?


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